Christmas Day 2008

<Paula> This is just a couple of photos from just before Christmas and Christmas day.

Ella and Daddy hanging around enjoying the hot summer days.

Ella's backwards cape. This is what you do when all the bibs are in the wash and strawberries are what you are having for afternoon tea:)

Ella and teddy having a ride on the rocking horse. (Plus ever present chew toy, the humble peg.)

Our small Christmas tree and our filled stockings on Christmas morning. The dress next to Ella's stocking is the one I made for her to wear on Christmas Day.

Our tree with Ella's kitty as the fairy on top. (see Slinky Malinky's Christmas Cracker, by Lynley Dodd for an explanation.)

The table (in case you weren't sure.)

The garden.

Chris cooking lunch.

Chris's family for lunch.

Jean's Christmas cake.

Ella's new tea set...

Ella just woke up from her afternoon nap to discover a new sandpit. Unfortunately I was standing on the wrong side to get a picture of the look on her face. She was very excited.

Daddy and Uncle Robin had to have a play too.

So too did the cousins when they showed up later.

itting around having a chat before dinner, with all of Chris's family.

Sticking close to Daddy.

Carlin reading a book.

Ella's new bike. Not quite sure what to do with it yet.

Nan & Grandad.

A walk to the park to burn off some lunch so we could start on dinner.

Grandad at the park.

Claire and Bill getting their new constellation projector.

Reading Ella one of her new books.

Only doting parents could imagine this, but look, Ella's first sculpture!