<Paula> 3oth April 2008 - There isn't much to say this month. We have not been anywhere or done anything apart from the usual day to day stuff. Ella has had a follow-up ultrasound. Although we haven't seen the surgeon yet, the radiographer consultant told us that it is all looking good. We are due to see the Surgeon next week for a follow-up. Ella is growing fast and learning new things all the time. Although she never does her 'party tricks' when there are other people around. She likes to make her parents look like doting, over enthusiastic dodos for a while until the new thing becomes old hat then there is the new thing to hide from the masses. Today she even tried to wink back at me when I winked at her, but no one is going to see it for a while, that one is just too good to share. Chris hasn't seen it yet, and you start to wonder if you are imagining things for a while there 'til Chris sees it and then you know you aren't mad but that our little girl is learning.

She is a little frustrated with everything at the moment. At the beginning of the month she mastered sitting and all her toys were so much more interesting seeing them at a new angle. Now she is just getting frustrated because she sees more and wants to grab at more and can't figure out how to get to things. The crawling thing is a way off yet, and that is fine with us. She is as cute as ever. She loves singing, we have tried banging on a tin while singing and at the moment the tin looks better for sucking and drooling on :-) She also loves jumping. Her interest in books has increased, she has gone from the most interesting thing being turning the page to looking and feeling all the pictures. She still loves to suck the books, but she knows she is not allowed to do that. She chatters away constantly and loves to pull all the toys out of the toy basket. We go to playgroup on Wednesdays when we can and she just loves being around all the other children, she also gets to play with different toys than we have at home.

Chris is progressing with the bathroom and almost finished. That is really all the news I have for Chris and I. I could tell you that Chris loves reading his books too and that I spend my days cooking and cleaning and playing with Ella, but those things are not interesting when you write them about an adult, unlike a baby. So I will stop rambling and add some photos.

For some reason I thought it a good idea to do some water play:-) We were both drenched by the end of it, but it was heaps of fun.

Hope you have all enjoyed the last month, like us. You will hear from us again soon. I will leave you with one last photo, with the caption, 'They are not watching me are they?'