August to December

<Paula> So Time has passed very quickly, we have gone from trying to keep Ella warm at night, while she wriggles out of her blankets to trying to keep her cool. We have had some major things happen, Ella's first birthday, Jill visiting, Andie visiting, Ella walking (actually running everywhere now), holiday at Lake Taupo, and apart from that just the everyday things, like Rhymetime on Tuesdays, playgroup on Wednesdays, Swimming on Thursdays. Actually when I write it down it seems like far too much.

The beginning of September passed slowly with Ella and I both being sick with various seasonal illnesses, I wont bore you with the pussy details. Then Aunty Jill came to visit for Ella's birthday. We made the most awesome birthday cake! I am allowed to be proud of our achievements, considering we had both never done this before I think we did well. Jill helped me get everything together for the party - I could not have done it all with out her, it was great. So some photos of the party, and of Aunty Jill's stay...

The sculpted cake before the icing.

The birthday spread. Sandwiches and fruit (we had to make up for all the cake we had already eaten and were about to eat:)

Opening presents. Of course the ribbon was the real winner on the day!

Her party was the day after her birthday so we had a small cake with some small ducks for her actual birthday. First time she had eaten cake and icing, and she learned very quickly that the icing was delicious. She had no problems polishing off two pieces.

For her party we strung up 50 balloons that rained down on Ella towards the end of the party. She loved it, which was good because Jill and I found blowing them up rather tiresome.

Ella was a little unsure of what was happening.

The balloons were a real hit, she played with them for hours.

Jill and Ella had lots of fun playing together.

In fact I believe it was Auntie Jill that helped Ella with her first steps.

Then there is Auntie Jill's Elton John impersonation. Playdough makes you do strange things.

Just before her party we put together a collection of photos commemorating Ella's first year of life. Click here (Windows Media Video - 4.6MB) to see it, or you will find it under Ella's section of the website. Also we wanted to take the opportunity to praise God for how he has blessed our lives in the last year, click here (Windows Media Video - 3.2MB) to see and hear that. We also took the opportunity to have some photos of us as a family, and we have put some of those up here for you to see. Click here for the link.

We are amazed everyday at how much Ella understands and does. Here is just a collection of photos taken over the last 5 months, hope you enjoy.

Ella helping by mopping the garage floor.

preparing the pizza for tea.

Ella loves hats, trying mummy's on for size.

Helping cook tea again.
Multi-purpose pegs - toy, chew toy, pretend person, trouser securer, or clothes peg - take your pick. I always keep a couple in my handbag, just in case.

Jean's Aunt Rita and cousin Tracey came to visit from Australia. We had a great time getting to know them. They came around for lunch and we also went out to dinner at the Skytower. There is a great photo of us all there, but I can't find it just now.
She loves rides in the laundry basket.

Peg being used as a chew toy, the forever teething symptoms.

Trying on Rudolf's nose for size.

Our holiday to Taupo. Just enjoying the ducks.

Now the water is COLD, hanging on to Ella was hard work. She loves the water and couldn't understand why we couldn't go in.

Swimming. We also went to an animal farm, that we all loved. I don't have any of the photos to put up.
Hanging around a the botanical gardens.

Helping Daddy wash Mummy's car. (Don't know what happened to the shorts.)

My new, very old piano. We have great fun.

Many, many hours reading.

Kayaking on Lake Pupuke.

She loved it!

Andie's visit.

Andie and Ella playing in the sand at Browns Bay beach.

Going for a walk at Milford Beach.

Navman Wireless Christmas party at the Zoo.

Enjoying her new chair, more her size.

Preschoolers in the Park. Put on by the council, they just bring along lots of toys to the local park and you can go along and enjoy them.

Preschoolers in the park.

Friday nights we go to the park to have tea and enjoy these long summer evenings.