June & July

<Paula> On the 1st of June Mum & Dad came to visit for 12 days. It was good to have them here, Ella thought it was great always having someone to play with. They also helped get some things done around the house which was a huge help. We still haven't caught up with things around the house after our return from Australia and the birth of our first child and unexpected hospital stays, so I was thrilled to have them help out. A week after Mum & Dad left Chris went to Chicago for 8 days for some meetings for work. We really missed him, Ella especially missed him. And had a few strong da da words to say about the situation. We talked to Chris everyday on Skype so Ella could see him as well. It took her a week to adjust to having him home again, and on weekends for a month she wouldn't have anything to do with me, and she wouldn't let Daddy out of her sight.

Ella is also continuing to enjoy her swimming lessons. She always gets very excited about the pool when we get there and can't wait to get in. It is always fun to watch her splash around. By the end of July, Ella had started to crawl backwards. A very impressive sight to watch her get to things she wanted, only it was a little more haphazard than I am leading you to believe and it often ended in tears.

I will put up some photos and add some captions.

Mum & Dad brought this doll with them when they visited, it is mine. I got it when I was three. It is as big as Ella, this was the first time she saw it and as you can see she thinks it is great. They are both standing next to each other (I would show you but you would see me in my pajamas and that is not a good thing).

This is Ella and Chris at swimming class. One of the first things they teach them is to hold their breath under the water and also to always go to the side and hang on. She has just come up from being under, Chris is checking that she is ok. She absolutely loves it!

Mum and Ella reading some stories and having a cuddle. The fingers in the mouth shows that she is teething. Her first tooth came through when Mum and Dad were here and Mum was the first one to notice it.

Dad and Ella spent some time playing. Dad is in his painting clothes because he did some painting for me while he was here.

Ella, Poppy and Nanna watching one of Ella's DVD's on the laptop.

Just a picture of my little girl for no reason other than she is the first child and therefore it is my duty as a parent to take lots of photos of her.

Ella, teddy and Chris talking to someone on Skype. A child's world is so different now to my world as a child. We had one phone in the hallway, now there is a phone that can be taken anywhere in and around the house, we carry one in our pocket when we leave the house and you can see and talk to people on the computer (for free I might add).

In relation to Ella's backwards crawling, she somehow managed to insert herself into the toy box and could not get out. She was crying but I had to take a photo before rescuing her (as you do), the funny thing is, she stopped crying and smiled for the photo and then resumed crying. That is social conditioning at it's best.

Chris was eating an apple and Ella thought it was a good idea.

Those of you that know Auckland will know that it rains a lot, especially this winter. This is Ella discovering it for the first time.

..and she sat at the window and watched the rain lots and lots...

My little blue eyed bundle of mischief.

I have put this in for my American friends. A week after Mum & Dad left Chris went on a work trip to Chicago for 8 days and the only non work related thing he got to do was go to a ball game. This is the Chicago Cubs playing .....? at the Wrigley stadium. Unfortunately I don't think he really knew much of what was going on.

So you may have noticed that if I don't update the website for a while I obviously forget what happened and you all get a more reduced rambling than if I did it straight away. I haven't decided which is best. I will get back to you on that. Hope you are all enjoying life and we look forward to hearing from you.