Aus Update 10 - Kakadu National Park


30th August 2006. We left Edith Falls (not so early) and headed into Kakadu.  Before I go any further I have to mention that a couple of updates ago we showed pictures of termite mounds, knee high ones.  Russell must be laughing, knowing what we were going to see here up in the top end. There are forests of them and they are more like multi-story buildings.  Here is a picture of Chris standing next to one.

There is so much to see in Kakadu, and with it's world heritage status (only 20 places in the world have this status, they are listed with the United Nations for their biodiversity and cultural significance. There are 3 World Heritage areas in Australia, Kakadu, Uluru and South-west Tassie.),  we were expecting great things.  Some people like to have low expectations so they aren't disappointed, probably would have been a good thing in this case, although we were impressed with the diversity in vegetation the bird life must have been parched from the dry season and gone somewhere where we weren't.

Our first stop was Maguk, it was a swiming hole that you have to walk to through monsoon rainforest to get to.  It was very beautiful.  The photos just don't do it justice it was 100% more amazing than what the photos show.  We have noticed that the best spots are the ones that are only accessable by 4WD and this was no exception.  Some photos...

Yes, that's one of the many crocodile warnings

We then drove on to Jim Jim Billabong, a bush camp ground (meaning it was free).  There was a cut grassy area (dry not green), a long drop (no spiders to my relief), unfortunately there were also crocodiles so we couldn't go near the water (actually we chose not to go to the water). An amazing sunset I am sure was partially due to the bush fire in the area, there was a lot of smoke and even some ash falling.

31st August 2006. We did a couple of walks, starting with Yellow Water, a wetland that is fairly dry at the moment, where we walked was apparently underwater during most of the wet season.

Next was ?. No photos, it wasn't the best walk we have ever been on.  We then went to Anbangbang for lunch and wandered around the billabong.  It was very beautiful with heaps of wildlife.  Some photos...

We then went down the road to Anbangbang to view the rock art.  It was a nice cool walk through the rocks, the pictures were interesting.   We will be really honest about what we thought.  At one place they showed artwork done over the top of other and the plaque says how this was common practice.  Then another site just metres away the art work was very clear and the plaque said that it had been repainted in 1964 which was common practice.  Not meaning to be disrespectful, but which is it?  I think I will leave it there.  Some photos...

We then went onto the Jabiru Visitors Centre.  The displays were very impressive.  After wandering around the town of Jabiru we went onto the wetlands of Manukala.  We watched this bird stalk little fish and catching them, and saw this wallaby which had a very large joey in it's pouch. You can't really see the joey in the picture. The wallaby didn't exactly pose for the photo.

We camped at anther bushcamp called 2 mile hole.  We were a little disappointed that we hadn't seen a crocodile in the wild, so Chris went down to the river with a spot light to see if he could see one.  They feed at night so it is the best time to see them moving around.  It is still hard to see anything because you have to stay far enough back from the water that you don't become dinner.

Often the road just goes on forever with no one else in sight...

Sunset at 2 mile hole

1st September 2006 - We drove into Darwin, see next update for our time in Darwin.

Leaving Kakadu National Park