Aus Update 2 - Week 2 & 3 in Aus

We can't believe that another two weeks have passed. We have been busy having fun with trains, lots of cars, Poko (whom we had never heard of before, but very good 3yr old educational entertainment.) We have also done a lot of shopping, which is of course my favourite pastime, although this time Chris has thoughly enjoyed it (lots of things for the car!) As an example, he purchased a timing light, says he is going to tune the car, he says he has the time and by the end of the year the money we would have saved on mechanics will have more than paid for the 'toy'. Chris has been working on the car, just the little things like oil change...not knowing anything about it I can't remember any of the other things he has been doing. (He might like to add a little here for those that are interested in these minor, and I guess not so insignificant details.)

We decided that these flash bullbars 4x4's have on the front, have nothing to do with protection but their sole purpose is to be used as a platform on which to stand while working on the engine. Chris' Evo is low to the ground in comparison and the engine is compact, apparently you expect to not be able to get your hands in to work on things. The engine bay in this is HUGE, however the engine is not compact in any way. I've heard a few utterances coming from the garage, although it's only a few scratches up his arms I am sure it was very frustrating acquiring them. We have read advice that if you break down in the desert and you need to fix it on the side of the road (with the myriads of spares you carry with you!) the first thing to do is boil the billy and enjoy a good cup of tea, or a few more utterances will be coming forwith.

There is a 'Ray's Camping Store' in Ringwood that is renovating so we have been there to spend lots of money. Thankfully Theo & Katrina are loaning us some of their camping gear for the year so we have saved quite a few hundred, that should buy me a couple of lattes. We also purchased a fridge, it runs on 12volt, 240mains, and gas. It should do fine for the year. We also got lots of other really cool stuff but I am sure you don't want me to list it all. The one thing we didn't get that I would have liked but apparently it isn't practical, and that is the shower that heats and pumps your water using gas. We have however purchased the more economical option of the shower bag. I am sure I will live.

So we did another very very exciting thing last week. We visited the Melbourne Zoo. I think I was 6 last time I was there. It was fun, I really enjoyed it, Zeke did too. His favourite song is “Daddy is taking us to the Zoo tomorrow”, he knows all the words, I think we do too by now. My favourite animal was the brown bear, although I thought they had blonde sandy coloured fur? Zeke's favourite animal was the lions, we saw one of them roar loudly but barely opening its mouth. Chris' favourite animal was the giraffe, it was very clever the way it got it's food out of a cage. Theo's favourite animal was the monkeys that came right up the window and looked at us. It's face was just centimetres from Zeke's. It just sat there and looked at us for a while and then moved on to the other people that were there and looked at them.

Chris has been busy building our bed in the back of the car. A very fine job. Our stuff will store underneath it. It's a good thing Chris has had lots of practise at compact packing. He hopes to get everything under the platform, including a second spare wheel. I have told him, “I think he's dreaming”, but he is a very capable person and it won't surprise me if he does. We do however have the very large roof rack that came with the car. Chris is hoping on not needing it. Although we haven't put it on Ebay just yet, not until we are 100% sure about our space requirements.

We have planned the direction we are heading in now and will add that to the website next week, Chris is going to make the site a little flashier, for easy reading and quicker viewing for those of you with dial up. Till then, enjoy life, keep the emails coming it is good to keep in touch with the real world.