Aus Update 21 - Perth


<Paula> 24th-Oct to 27th Oct We have had a very relaxing time in Perth it has been great.  I am going to make this update a short one after the last one which was quite long. We have done some driving around looking at the view and we visited the Perth Mint.  We also spent some very relaxing time catching up with my brother David.  Chris also met up with some work colleagues while I wandered through the very nice botanical gardens.

View of Perth City from Kings Park Botanical Gardens

First fountain of the water gardens, it is a tribute to women.

I just thought they looked cool, I didn't think to read the sign to find out what they were.

So that is seriously the extent of our photos of Perth, we haven't taken the camera with us.  This morning we met David at the Perth Mint and yes we forgot to take the camera with us (not that they let you take photos of any of the rooms with gold in them anyway - security). We then went to Kings Park for lunch and yes we forgot to take the camera with us. At the Mint though we got to see them pour a bar of gold bullion, that was very interesting, the history of the mint was interesting too. They had some really good displays of gold and it's many different investment forms and the natural nuggets. We didn't come away with any souvenirs.  But if Chris was worth his weight in gold at todays prices he would be worth about $1.8million. hmmm...I will have to think about that one.  Just kidding!

I have one more photo.  When we stay somewhere more than a day we usually put up the tent so we took a photo of our campsite here. We've been in park like settings next to a small lake with lots of very friendly bird life.

We are leaving Perth sometime tomorrow and will be heading east.  It has been good to relax in this beautiful sunny city and especially to spend some time with David.