Aus Update 2a - Our last couple of weeks at Theo's, Katrina's and Zeke's

Updated 13-Aug-2006, covering the period 27-Jul-2006 to 10-Aug-2006

So our last couple of weeks at Theo's was very busy.  Chris spent a lot of time in the shed with the car. Zeke and I did lots of things too, we went to Healsville Sanctuary one day.  It actually rained and a lot of the animals were somewhere where we couldn't see them??  But we did get to pat Ringo the snake, saw the birds of prey show, the platypus house was fantastic, and I was also very impressed with their new facility, the wild animal hospital.  We got to watch them put a ring tail possum to sleep while they checked it's eyes and a general check up for release to the wild.  There were lots of other interactive things there too.  Unfortunately I didn't take the camera and I don't have any photos, I was very impressed with the whole facility.

We can't go on without mentioning Monty.  Monty is the most ADORABLE dog.  Emphasis on adorable, he is so cute, very very inteligent, knows when to do the right thing, and also knows when you aren't looking and often takes those moments to sneak quietly to where he knows he isn't allowed and steal things for chewing that he knows he is not allowed to chew.  But when this cute dog then comes and sits at your feet and looks up with his adorable face, what can you do. I am sure we have spoiled him.

We drew a chalk racing track in the driveway, even Monty loved it. I think Zeke is in the lead...

While we were busy doing lots of things getting ready for our trip we still had heaps of time to play in the sandpit, read stories, go to the park.  The park is just down the road from their house and Zeke, Monty, Chris and myself went there quite a bit.  One day we asked Theo to bring home some cardboard because there is a mound at the park, and to a three year old it is big, especially big enough to slide down.  Below is a picture of the park and a couple of Zeke, and Chris testing it out.

The following is a video of it (Windows Media Video format (.wmv), 963kB: Cardboard sliding at the park 08-Aug-2006

This is a video of Zeke's favourite song.  Chris on percussion, and Zeke lead vocals (over 2 minutes .wmv, 1.8MB): Zoo tomorrow