Aus Update 32 - Morisset (Blue Mountains, Nelson Bay)

<Paula>  7-Mar-2007 to 19-Mar.  We spent a couple of weeks with Jill & Kerry.  Again, so good to relax and spend time with family.  We did some day trips with them.  Nelson Bay, where we snorkled, kayaked and swam.  Beautiful area, we took the tiki tour home so we could look at the amazing coastline.  It is just amazing the developments that are happening along the coast.  

We also spent a day with Nigel and Becky in Woolongong, where we were treated with a most delicious minestrone soup.  I will have to give that ago when I get home.  Nigel has a beautiful Doberman by the name of Zeus, who greeted us with a subdued welcome (which I was very thankful for as I was sent up the driveway first as dog bait!)  It seems he knows who is family and lets them to the door. 

We also spent a day in the Blue Mountians, which surprisingly I have never been to before.  I now know why they are called the 'blue' mountains.  Most  mountains in Australia have a blue tinge to them when looked at from a distance because of the eucalyptus trees, however these look blue up close.  It is really quite amazing.  I am very glad that we went during a week day and not on the weekend as the number of tourists that were there was incredible.  At the Three Sisters it was hard to get a park.   You know I used to think that if you have seen one mountain range you have seen them all.  This trip has shown me otherwise.  They are all very unique in flora, fauna, their basic structure and their 'vibe' (for lack of a better word).  I was in awe when we travelled through the western part of Tassie at the mountains and noticed that nowhere else in Australia had I seen anything as beautiful and inspiring.  I tried to compare them to the snowy ranges when we drove through there and they were magnificent in their own right but very different.  The Blue Mountains had a character all of their own, one main one being the park with it's incredible canyons and rock formations framed by the surban sprawl of Sydney.  What an amazing back yard those people have!  One of those homes we stopped in at, a beautiful sandstone home with expansive lawns and gardens, a place I could definately call home. Unfortunately, or fortunately (which ever way you look at it), it is now owned by the historical society.  It belonged to a guy by the name of Norman Lindsey (1879-1969), who was a prolific painter and published childrens author.  He is well known for two things that I thought didn't go together very well, his childrens book "The Magic Pudding" (an Australian classic childrens story published in 1918), and his depictions of female nudes.  He was a brillant artist none the less and his home is now a gallery for his work and a museum,

So a couple of the things I have noticed since leaving Jill & Kerry's are: