Aus Update 35 - Gold Coast

<Paula> 1st April 2007 to 9th April.  It was really great to spend time with Eleena, Kelly and Alex.  We did something everyday, either shopping, visiting the market or going for a walk somewhere and we hung out and just spent time with them, which was really good.  You will also notice a photo of Eleena running, we went to watch her in a run.  She runs heaps and is very good.  She has set records even.  This run she came second female overall and 1st in her age group.  The woman that came first is a professional runner and even enters events like the Boston marathon.  Eleena is actually so good at running, her running club has raised the money to send her to Vanuatu to compete for them in a group run.  I look forward to hearing how she does there.

Chris and Alex strumming out a tune.

Eleena coming into the finish line.

Burleigh Beach

Gold Coast - taken from Burleigh Beach

We went one day to Springbrook National Park.  It was really beautiful.  It is really high up and was even cold.  On our way back down to the coast we stopped at a place called 'The Fudge shop".  They had every type of fudge you can think of, including one called 'snake bite', which is fudge with chilli.  An acquired taste I believe.

View of the Gold Coast half way to Springbrook.

View of Mt Warning from Springbrook.

Springbrook Falls

Antarctic Beech trees, there is only a few of them and they are apparently left from Australia's Gondwana days.

On Saturday we went up to Brisbane and happened to go to Travis Manners church.  They are well, two growing children.  We had lunch at Roma Street Parkland, which is where Scott and Angelea got married.  Apart from that we had a drive around and looked at the sites.

Roma Street Parkland, view of the lake. (A Wedding is getting underway on the lake.)

View of Brisbane CBD from Mt Coot-tha, this mountain is also where all the TV stations are.

Apart from my visit to the IKEA store (quite an experince), that was our visit to the Gold Coast.   It doesn't sound like much but we really enjoyed spending time with family.