Aus Car Update 1 - So what have I done with the car?

As of 12-Aug-2006


Things added:

If you're going to be living and driving in a vehicle for 12 months, you need to have decent sounds.What a mission! The rubbish factory speakers were 8W single range paper cones. In the rear doors they were fairly standard 6" (or 6.5") round units. I easily swapped them out with 6" 3-way 80W units. In the front doors were 6" mounting holes, with a very strange speaker that had a 1" flange and about a 4" cone (see pic below). This appears to be because there was only about 50mm depth in the door before hitting the window. I decided I was going to have to modify the doors to fit in any real speakers. If chopping things up, why not go the whole hog, so I put in a pair of 6x9" 3-way 100W units. This required chopping out parts of the door and building up spacers to hold the speakers far enough out from the window glass. Didn't turn out too bad (if I do say so myself), but boy, what a squeeze. The drivers door speaker just touches the bonnet release lever. There is plenty of room to relocate that, but I decided since the door still shuts, I'd better call it quits there. The most gratifying part was when Paula hopped in the car to go down the road and went "wow, I can really tell the difference".

The whole door

The speaker cover

6x9's installed

Original 4" 6" speaker!

Added a dual battery:

This was no small feat. The 4.2L petrol Patrol's (Maverick) have a large air pre-cleaner assembly mounted on the left of the engine bay. On the diesel Patrol's, this is where after market suppliers have sized up an additional N70 battery carrier. On the 4.2L petrol Patrol's, the after market suppliers have made a smaller N50 battery carrier on the firewall in front of the passenger. On our vehicle, this is where the LPG kit has been placed. So what I did was:

Before - sorry, forgot to take proper shots, this was all I had

Front shot now showing the air intake (unfinished), battery & isolator

Relocated coil behind the battery. LPG gear in the lower right

Close up of isolator and fuse box.


Safety gear:

What I would like to do: