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Windows Media Video - 3.2MB
24-Dec 9 27-Sep-2008 Celebration of life talk - 1 year

Windows Media Video - 4.6MB
24-Dec 8 27-Sep-2008 Celebration of life photos - 1 year
15-Nov 7 07-May-2008 Photos of Ella - 8 months old
12-Jan 6 27-Nov to 12-Jan-2008 The 3 month mark
28-Nov 5 23-Nov to 26-Nov-2007 Ella returns home
23-Nov 4 21-Nov to 23-Nov-2007 Ella's stay in hospital
15-Nov 3 08-Nov to 14-Nov-2007 What's going on
07-Oct 2 27-Sep to 07-Oct-2007 Her first week
28-Sep 1 26-Sep to 27-Sep-2007 Vital stats