Ella - Update1 - Vital stats

Ten fingers, ten toes and a lovely litle nose.
She caused her mother lots of pain, but now she's here,
She's Ella Jane!

Named: Ella Jane Chapman
Weight: 3.66 kg / 8 lb 1 oz
Length: 510 mm / 20 inches
When: 27-Sep-2007 3:03pm
Where: North Shore Hospital, Auckland, New Zealand

In the end, it all worked exactly as it should, but there was plenty of delay and expectation along the way. I'll explain what eventually happened, and we'll update the whole story later.

We arrived at the hospital about 11pm on Wed night. Paula's contractions were already regular and at intervals of less than 5 minutes. The contractions continued through the night, but the staff were less than impressed at the rate of dilation (none) and suggested we go home and wait. We declined that offer, and by about 3am Paula was really struggling to cope with the pain. She was given some pethadine, but that only made her drowsy. She started trying the nitrous oxide gas, which helped, but just not enough. She battled on for another couple of hours before starting to indicate she just couldn't cope. Although she had been very nervous about having an epidural due to a previous horrible experience with a spinally administered procedure, it was really her only option. It took a while to organise, but at around 7:30am after receiving her first medication through the epidural, she was obviously in a lot better shape.

We had had lots of different staff, but at this stage midwife Leonie came on duty and was assigned solely to Paula. She sat with us through the rest of the morning, monitoring progress and pain relief. Paula basically stayed on the bed, moving as she was able, but just working through each contraction. By about 2:30pm, it seemed everything was looking favourable, so an exam was made. Everyone was quite surprised but the babys head was easily visible. The midwife encouraged Paula to try pushing for the first time. After a few practises (how do you know what to push), it was obvious Paula had got it worked out (even though she couldn't feel it). A number of other staff were called in at the ready, and with about 15 minutes of distinct pushing, out popped Ella!

Ella was born very alert, and obviously fairly happy, there were no signs of distress, just a couple of squeels as I saw her take her first breath. She lay on her mothers tummy and "adjusted" to life on the outside.

A few hours later and we were all wrapped up and organising to be shifted to the ward.

Just starting to nod off for her first sleep.

Aren't I cute?

Thank you God for delivering us this little gift of life.