Ella - Update5 - Ella returns home

<Chris> 28-Nov-2007

We're home! (Monday afternoon actually). It's hard to remember exactly what happened when as we were at the hospital almost continuously from Sunday 18-Nov 2pm thru Monday 26-Nov 11am. It all seemed to blur into a haze that felt a decade long.

By late Thursday, she had had her drainage tube removed and the morphine stopped. After another 6 hours of monitoring once the morphine stopped, she was allowed to move out of the high dependency room and into a regular ward room. It was a pretty nice regular ward room with bed for Mum or Dad and an ensuite, but only one of us was allowed to stay overnight, so Paula and I took it in turns to take a 8-10 hour stretch at home. I remember driving home on Friday night thinking "my goodness, I haven't left the hospital since early Monday morning".

This is the drain going into the surgery site Here the drain is removed. You can see the stitches that held it to her stomach just above the nurses right forefinger, and how much of it was actually internal. By Saturday she was really happy having the dressing changed.

She was recovering well. Once she was allowed food things just got better. She was enormously hungry, but she wasn't able to keep it all down. I guess the surgery, drugs and enforced 3 day fast played havoc with her little system. She's gradually been taking more and holding it better and better.

Her blood tests showed the bilirubin levels steadily decreasing and you can see the yellow colour fading from her. The blood tests did indicate some abnormal liver results, and as a cautious approach the surgeon recommended some very targeted antibiotics.

The dressing covering the wound was waterproof, and she was allowed the luxury of a bath after wrapping a plastic bag around her foot to cover the remaining cannular site.

Another round of intravenous antibiotics Now that's more like it Daddy, baths not needles!

Unfortunately the cannular stopped working before she had finished her antiobiotics, but rather than trying to get another one in (there are limited sites on a baby and they'd all had a go) with attendant possibility of infection anyway, they switched to a more general oral one.

Ready for home, I have a new outfit and my fist - all set :-) On our way, we've been here 3 hours short of 8 days.

By Monday they were pretty comfortable that there was nothing they could do for her in hospital that we couldn't do at home and they discharged her. Even the dressing from the surgery cut was removed - it's unbelievable how fast baby's knit back together.

We're really appreciative of everyones prayerful support for us all around the globe. We know God heard and directed us to all the help we needed.

Hopefully that's almost the end of the matter. Obviously we have to take special care of her, but from the possibilities of death, liver transplant or the major surgery she has had, I think we've all been rather blessed. We are so fortunate that all the dedicated staff at the hospital are available to us - and even more fortunate that for all the gripes with the health system, it was all done quickly and with no direct charge to us :-)