Ella - Update6 - The 3 month mark

<Paula> 11 January 2008 - Well she is actually 3 and a half months now, but who is counting really. Ella has grown heaps. I was just looking at the last photo that we posted on the website and she has changed so much since her surgery, and looks really healthy. So I will add lots of photos, there isn't really much to say.

Reading with Daddy.

Opa came to visit at the begining of December.
The Maes Family came to visit too.
Ella and Zeke played together well. She really liked having him around.

They had lots of fun...

and cuddles.

Tummy time.

The first time we put a sun hat on her, she wasn't so sure about it.

We bought her some Christmas lights that she loved to watch flick on and off.

We are trying to get a passport photo. It is impossible, no mouth open, head facing straight on to the camera, no hands, no shadows. We have gotten better but not right yet.

And of course there is the party season with Christmas. We were sent this georgous santa dress, she was the life of the party, well centre of attention anyway (as babies often are).

It was all a bit much some times and a nap on Daddys shoulder was needed occasionally.

We didn't realise that she was leaving one foot on the ground and spinning herself around with the other foot and it resulted in a blister. She loves jumping in the doorway. We put her playmat under her now, so no more blisters.

Her first Christmas and the paper was a real winner.

We had Christmas lunch with the Chapman family.

After Christmas we decided that we would get back into Kayaking seeing we had not been in nearly two years, so we went out and bought a proper life jacket, the full on floatation device for Ella, and borrowed the UV protecting sunnies till we got around to finding some for her. She got given some togs for christmas so we thought we would try them on for size. She doesn't like cold water (she crys if the bath is too cold) so we didn't put her in, just on the boat. The result of the day was a tired little girl. She quite liked being on the water but the jacket is a little restricting for her and she seems to find that frustrating. We will take her out again, but it is good to know that the jacket will still fit her next summer too.

Trying it on for size when we got home.

Getting dressed in the back of the car.

Sitting with daddy on the edge of the water.

Yes that is a dummy tied on the front of her jacket. Just in case she got too stressed, she can't reach her hands to her mouth with the jacket on.
This is reserved for the photo of her out on the water, which we don't have yet.
It was a busy afternoon. So of course it was nap time. That is Ella in bundled up in the towel fast asleep.

We went to a church picnic after Christmas.

The all important ingredient for any picnic - food.

This is Victoria, one of the few people she will go to outside of family without crying.

And what we would all like to do on a Sabbath afternoon - sleep. A recipe for a perfect afternoon.

As you can see she has really recovered well from her surgery and appears to be thriving. We are very blessed to have her in our lives and are thankful to the amazing people at Starship Childrens Hospital, and to everyone that has been keeping us and our little bundle of joy in their prayers. We have had a follow up visit at the hospital and they are happy with her progress, although the biopsy of her liver shows it isn't in great shape, as long as she continues to thrive there is nothing to worry about. I want to finish this update with a couple of photos that I really like. (courtesy of Rainbirds Photography) And then after that Chris is going to add a video clip of her.

Ella has just discovered laughing, here she is having a great old time

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